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LINKGenerateReport examines all the documents in a database and produces a report.


status = LINKGenerateReport( <SourcePath>, <OutputPath>, <OutputTitle>, <Select>, <Flags> )


Parameter Input/Output Type Description
SourcePath Input String The path to the databases to be processed. Separate the server and pathname with !!
OutputPath Input String The path to the Validator report database. Validator will create this database if it doesn't exist. Separate the server and pathname with !!
OutputTitle Input String The title to use if the report database needs to be created.
Select Input String Used to specify the selection formula or view when searching data documents. If you only specify the LINK_VERIFY_DOCUMENTS flag, this parameter should contain a selection formula to select the documents to be processed. If you also specify the LINK_VERIFY_DOCUMENTS_BYVIEW flag, this parameter should be the name of the view that selects the documents.
Flags Input Long A combination of the LINK_xxx values below.


Flag Description
LINK_VERIFY_DOCUMENTS Have Validator run on documents.
LINK_VERIFY_DESIGN Have Validator run on design notes.
LINK_VERIFY_DOCUMENTS_BYVIEW When specified with LINK_VERIFY_DOCUMENTS, run on documents selected by a view rather than a selection formula.
LINK_FLAG_REPORT_ALL Report all links, including good ones.
LINK_FLAG_NO_WARNINGS Do not report warnings.
LINK_FLAG_NO_URLS Do not check URLs.
LINK_FLAG_NO_EXTERNAL_LINKS Do not allow links that point to a database other than the current one.
LINK_FLAG_NO_REPL_LOCAL Do not search replicas that are not local.
LINK_FLAG_NO_FIELDS Do not check fields.
LINK_FLAG_NO_EMPTY_FIELDS Ignore empty fields.
LINK_FLAGS_DEFAULT Use Validator defaults (no UI, run on documents).
LINK_IGNORE_CONFLICTS Do not check for save or replication conflicts.

Return Value

Return value Type Description
status Long Zero (0) indicates that no error occurred. If the return value is non-zero, use LINKStringLoad to get the error message associated with the error code.


status = LINKGenerateReport(
    "linkreport.nsf",_ 'Database for output report
    "Validator Report",_ 'Title to use if linkreport.nsf needs to be created
    "@ALL",_ 'Selection formula for documents