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Release Notes

Edition 35 is a feature release of the Teamstudio Notes tools. The primary new feature is support for the HCL 12.0.2 64 bit Designer client. All of the Teamstudio tools except for Profiler have been updated to run in a 64 bit environment. Due to internal implementation details, Profiler will continue to be fully supported on 32 bit Notes clients, but will not be available on 64 bit.


There are now separate installers for 32 and 64 bit Notes. You should choose the installer that matches your Notes version, not your Windows version. So if you are running 32 bit Notes on 64 bit Windows, you need the 32 bit installer. The installer will verify your Notes version and will not allow you to install a version of the tools that does not match your version of Notes.

In addition to 64 bit support, we have significantly optimized the performance of the CIAO! UI, especially over slow connections. There are major performance improvements both in launching CIAO and in updating the UI after a checkin/out operation.

Fix List


186003603 Analyzer crash on corrupt data
185959912 Fix memory overwrite in Open Database dialog
186128947 Delta text window may not display non-ascii characters correctly
186145582 Restoring window position may fail with multiple monitors
186137872 Add back script library source to CIAO template
186305203 Dialog for adding standard paths is empty on Notes 12.0.2+
186318816 Analyzer crash with unexpected table row height
186327596 CIAO should not allow Template Registry in standard path
186338900 Update help links in ciao config template
186604852 Tools don't run from clients in Notes 14
186722882 "Web site" terminology on about dialog is obsolete
186722171 Undo template contains test documents
186783627 Delta crashes comparing data on 64 bit
186789353 Remove 'Delta of 2 documents' from 64 bit installs
186823604 Display Javascript script library source in Delta
186909921 Add Build Manager 64 bit utility methods to CIAO
187340214 Shared Actions view in Analyzer is broken
187358346 Add an ACL view by role


185131099 Update code signing certificate
185296430 Install correct templates for 64 bit Japanese


184300373 Fixed crash in 'Open in Library Pane' using Design Manager
184331236 Display 'Modified (initially)' rather than 'Modified (in this file)' in the CIAO UI
184331249 Minor CIAO UI performance improvements
184331185 Optimize character set conversions in the CIAO UI
184444716 Fix rare Analzyer Audit hang with TMSIncludeParent rules