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This function gets a field value from a parent document in the Analyzer database.

TMSGetParentValue( <Form Alias>::<field name> )


Parameter Meaning
<Form Alias>

This parameter must indicate a parent of the current document (following the structure of the Analyzer output).

For example, field cannot be a parent document of a form. However, Form can be a parent for a field. Also, the only valid parent for a design element is Database (CDBP00).

<field name> This parameter must represent a valid text field on the target document. Otherwise, it will fail. The field cannot be a rich text field. If the field is not a text field, the value is converted to text.

For example, consider the following:

TMSGetParentValue( CDBP00::fdbpFile )
It returns the file name of the current database.

It can be embedded in the RT formula as follows:

TMSRTContains( Rich Text ; 0; TMSGetParentValue( CDBP00::fdbpFile ))
When checking a filter, GetParentValue is evaluated first and its return value is substituted into the formula. Then the rest of the formula is evaluated. This function works on any ApplyTo filter except Database because Database documents do not have a parent.