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Opening A Library

A library is a Notes template or database you open in the left pane that holds reusable elements that you can copy to databases in the right pane. You can open any database or template as a library.

To open a library

  1. Choose Open from the Library menu (or click Library > Recent Files to select from the last ten libraries opened).
    You see a list of databases and templates in your local data directory.
  2. Select a server to display libraries on your network, or use the Local server.
    In the Database list, you see a list of databases and templates on the selected server.
    Select Library
    Toolbar icon Use the Open Library toolbar button as a shortcut to the Library > Open command.
  3. In the Database list, select the template or database you want to use as a library.
  4. Click Open.
    You see the library elements in the left pane.

Once you have opened a library for the first time, you need not select the library from the list again. The next time you start Design Manager, it will automatically open the same libraries that were open previously.