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Generates a report of checkouts for each design element in the database you specify using a description title for the report.


status = CIAOCreateCheckoutReport( <SourcePath>, <OutputPath>, <OutputTitle>, <Description> )


Parameter Input/Output Type Description
SourcePath Input String The path to the Notes database that you want to process. Separate server and pathname with !! This database must be under CIAO! control and have the correct log specified in the CIAO! configuration.
OutputPath Input String The path to the Notes database where you want CIAO! to write the report. Separate server and pathname with !! If this database does not exist, CIAO! will create it.
OutputTitle Input String The title to use if the output database needs to be created.
Description Input String The title for the report.

Return Value

Return Value Type Description
status Long Zero (0) indicates that no error occurred. If the return value is non-zero, use CIAOStringLoad to get the error message associated with the error code.


Dim status As Long
Dim strPath As String
strPath = ""
If strDatabaseServer <> "" Then
    strPath = strDatabaseServer + "!!"
End If
strPath = strPath + strDatabasePath
status = CIAOCreateCheckoutReport( strPath, "CIAO\\Reports.nsf", "CIAO Checkout Report", "Sample Title" )
If status <> 0 Then
    Dim szBuffer As String*255
    CIAOStringLoad status, szBuffer, 255
    MessageBox Left$( szBuffer, Instr( szBuffer, Chr(0) ) - 1 )
End If