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DBDEAN Flag Constants

Flag Description
DBDEAN_FLAG_ACL_SINGLEDOC Writes all ACL users and their properties in a single document.
BDEAN_FLAG_DEFAULT Default behavior is to create an output database if it doesn't exist, update only the elements that are modified since the last run and prompt if an error occurs.
DBDEAN_FLAG_NO_ANALYSIS (For DEANAnalyzeAndAudit only.) Run the audit on an existing analysis database without also running the analysis.
DBDEAN_FLAG_NO_CREATE Prevents creation of a new analysis database. If the specified analysis database does not exist, the function returns an error.
DBDEAN_FLAG_REBUILD_ALL Prevents incremental update. The entire analysis will be deleted and rebuilt, except for user response documents.
DBDEAN_FLAG_SILENT Prevents UI feedback. No messages will be displayed. You must check the returned error code to ensure that the analysis was successful.