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Selecting an Audit Output Database

Analyzer Audit places its results in the audit output database you designate.

The audit output database is always based on Teamstudio’s tmslogs.ntf template, whether you select an existing output database or create a new one.

To use an existing output database

  1. Click Select to display a list of existing databases that are based on the tmslogs.ntf template.
  2. Select a database.
  3. Click Open.

To create a new database

  1. Enter the server and output database name, including the path.
    The new database is created automatically based on the tmslogs.ntf template.
    Audit Tab

By default, Auditor checks every design element in your database. If you don’t want Analyzer to audit every design element, specify individual design elements on the Design Notes tab.

See also Using the Design Notes Tab.

After you select the Enable Auditor check box and a filter set, and you specify the output database, begin Analyzing your database.


You cannot run Auditor without also running Analyzer. When you click OK on the Teamstudio Analyzer tab to start Analyzer Audit, the database design is also analyzed. The design element subset you selected to Audit on the Design Notes tab also applies to Analyzer.

If you are ready to begin, see Starting the Analysis.