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Context Filter

You use a context filter to specify the design categories to be analyzed, for example Forms or Shared Actions. You cannot use context filters to specify particular elements within a category; all elements within the category will be processed.

The following table defines the syntax to use for each category when you define the context filter parameter in a script call. For example, to analyze only the Forms, Subforms and Folders in a database, you would enter "-fm-sf-fl". The string is not case-sensitive.

Category Syntax
Agent -ag
Applet -ap
Component -co
Composite Application -ca
Custom Control -cc
Data Connection -dc
Database Icon -ic
Database properties -*
Database script -ds
DB2 Data Access Views -dv
File Resource -fi
Folder -fl
Form -fm
Frameset -fr
Help About -ha
Help Using -hu
Image -im
Navigator -na
Outline -ou
Page -pa
Profile Documents -pr
Replication Formula -rf
Script Library -sl
Shared Action -ac
Shared Column -sc
Shared Field -sh
Style Sheet -ss
Subform -sf
Theme -th
V3 Macro -v3
View -vi
Webservice Consumer -wc
Webservice Provider -ws
Wiring Properties -wp
XPage -xp