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Enabling or Disabling CIAO!

To remove a database from CIAO! control, you can edit the document for the watched database in the CIAO! configuration database.

To edit the document for the watched database

  1. Open the CIAO! Config database (usually on the server).
  2. In the Go To section, click one of the Promotion Path views, for example, Databases by Path.


    The green check mark in the above figure indicates that the database is under CIAO! control. If you remove this database from CIAO! control, the icon will change to a red X.

  3. Select the document describing the database you want to remove from CIAO! control, and open it for editing.

  4. Change the value of the CIAO! Watch Active field from Yes to No to mark the database as no longer under CIAO! control.
    Config Document


Once you remove the watched database from CIAO! control, check-in/check-out will no longer work for this database. Any developer can make changes to any design elements.
You are not removing the history of the database. This remains in the CIAO! log database. You can also access the history if you haven't deleted it from the log database.