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Organizing Actions in a Library

As you organize a library, you can make actions shared or unshared, copy actions, and change the location of actions on the action bar.

Making Actions Shared or Unshared

You can make an action shared or unshared as follows:

To make an action shared or unshared

  • From the right-click menu, select the Make action(s) Shared command to convert a regular action into a shared action.
  • This menu command is context-sensitive. If the action is already shared, select the Unshare Action(s) command from the right-click menu to convert the action into a regular action.

Moving Actions on the Action Bar

Use the right-click menu and select Move Action Up or Move Action Down to change the order in which actions appear on the action bar. Use Move Action Up to move an action to the left on the Action Bar. Use Move Action Down to move an action to the right on the Action Bar.


Shared actions cannot be moved up or down.