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CIAO! stores a history of design element changes and application template releases in the Log database. The database can store the history of a single application template, a group of templates (a project) or a group of projects.

Each time you check in a design element, CIAO! writes a copy of the design element to the log database you have specified in the CIAO! Configuration Database.

CIAO! also writes to this log when a new application template is released. In this case, CIAO! labels the design elements in the log and creates a new database version document.

The history for each element consists of the following:

  • Developer who checked in the item or created the application release
  • Date and time operation was performed
  • Name of the design element as shown in the Notes design pane at the time the item was checked in
  • Comment written by the developer describing the check-in or version
  • Version label
  • Version number
  • Issues

The history for database version documents consists of the following:

  • The ODS version with which the version database was created
  • The actual database, stored as an attachment
  • The original filename of the attachment before it was renamed to the version.nsf or