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This function searches the specified rich text field for a value.

TMSRTContains( FieldName ; Flags; Value )


Parameter Meaning

This parameter represents the name of a rich text field on the current analyzer document.

If Apply To is Agent, then it includes only rich text fields that exist on the Agent form in the analyzer template.


If this parameter is set to Rich Text, then it looks in all rich text fields on the document.

Flag This number tells TMSRTContains how to search. These flags can be OR'd together
Value This is the text to search for. It can be a quoted string or an unquoted field name. If it is a field name, Auditor gets the value to search for from that field, so it must be plain text.


Flag Flag Meaning
0 Normal
1 Whole Word
2 Case Sensitive
4 Accent Sensitive
8 Wildcards