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Configuring Undo

To configure tracking of all NTF files

Undo automatically keeps track of changes for all NTF files you work with, whether on your local computer, or on a server, so you don't have to configure that. If you are wondering if Undo knows about your NTF file - no worries - it does!

If you prefer, you can manually configure Undo to keep track of changes to NSF files, or to keep track of changes within the files or folders you choose.

To configure tracking of all NSF files or only selected databases or folders

  1. In a text editor, open the Teamstudio.ini file, which is located in the data directory.
  2. In the [Undo] section, change the line that says "IncludeFiles=*.ntf" as follows:
To track the following Change "IncludeFiles" line as follows
All NSF files only IncludeFiles=*.nsf
All NTF and all NSF files IncludeFiles=*.ntf,*.nsf
Just a few databases you want, for example, mytest1.ntf and mytest2.ntf IncludeFiles=mytest1.ntf,mytest2.ntf
One directory only, for example, the mail folder IncludeFiles=mail/*


Teamstudio recommends you only modify the IncludeFiles line if you have a very good reason. By leaving the default, you don't have to try to remember to add a new database or update the line again for a database whose name has changed.