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Error Code Return Values

These are possible return values for any of the Analyzer functions.

Value Meaning
NOERROR (0) Operation completed successfully.
0-65535 Notes API error codes.
65536 and above Teamstudio error codes
Teamstudio Error Code Value Meaning
IDERR_DEAN_BAD_CLASS (66816) The design class of the pre-existing analysis database is not DEANTemplate
IDERR_DEAN_BAD_ANALYSIS (66817) The pre-existing analysis database contains invalid documents.
IDERR_DEAN_DELETE_FAILED (66820) Analyzer could not remove analysis documents corresponding to deleted design elements.
IDERR_DEAN_TEMPLATE_NOT_FOUND (66821) Analysis template (usually ivesdean.ntf) could not be found.


Many other possible error codes can be returned. Use DEANStringLoadW32 to get the message associated with an error code.