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Viewing the Configurator Output Log

As matches are found in the target database, Configurator stores the following information in an on-screen log as well as in the optional output database:

  • Where the match was found
  • What action was taken
  • A summary count of matches and/or replacements per element
  • Any skipped notes
  • If the changes made were cancelled
  • The total number of notes searched
  • The total number of matches
  • The total number of replacements
  • Any errors that occurred during the action

See Specifying Where to Store Configurator Results for more information on the output database.

The following is an example of the on-screen output log.

On screen log

When the search/replace action is complete, you can scroll through this log. You can also copy this log to the clipboard, by clicking the Copy Log button. This allows you to create a full report of the changes that have been made in another application, such as Notepad or Microsoft Word.

Before you run Configurator, you can optionally create a database to store the output log. The information you see in the output log database and in the on-screen log are identical.

The following is an example of the contents of a Configurator output log.

Database log

Where a match has been found in static text, the text is divided into blocks, each of which represents a block of text in the same font face. Each block has a separate entry in the log.