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Creates a version of the database specified.


status = CIAOMakeVersion( <SourcePath>, <VersionLabel>, <Comment>, <VersionFlags>, <Flags> )


Parameter Input/Output Type Description
SourcePath Input String The path to the Notes database that you want to process. Separate server and pathname with !! This database must be under CIAO! control and have the correct log specified in the CIAO! configuration.
VersionLabel Input String The version label used in the Make Version process. This string cannot be blank.
Comment Input String The version comment. This string can only be blank if Force Comments is not set in the CIAO! configuration.
VersionFlags Input Long Flags to control the change in the version number of the new release.
Flags Input Long Flags to control what is written to the report.

Version Flags

Flag Description
CIAO_MVERSION_NO_BUMP Do not change the version number.
CIAO_MVERSION_BUMP_MAJOR Increase the major version number, for example from 3.x.x to 4.0.0.
CIAO_MVERSION_BUMP_MINOR Increase the minor version number, for example from 4.1.x to 4.2.0.
CIAO_MVERSION_BUMP_POINT Increase the point version number, for example from 5.2.3 to 5.2.4.


Flag Description
CIAO_COMMENT_PROMPT Prompt for a comment.
CIAO_MVERSION_SILENT Do not display the status bar.
CIAO_MVERSION_PROMPT Display the Make Version dialog box.
CIAO_MVERSION_DATA Include documents in the version database.
CIAO_MVERSION_ACL Include the ACL in the version database.
CIAO_MVERSION_REPID Include the Replica ID in the version database.
CIAO_MVERSION_ODS_NOTES5 Force the version database to have an R5.x ODS.
CIAO_MVERSION_ODS_NOTES4 Force the version database to have an R4.x ODS.
CIAO_MVERSION_SAVE_ZIPPED Save the version database as a zip file.
CIAO_MVERSION_DEFAULT Does not display the status bar. Saves the version database as a zip file.
CIAO_MVERSION_UI_SHOW_STATUS Updates the Notes status bar with the progress of the version operation.
CIAO_MVERSION_UI_SHOW_PROGRESS Displays the progress bar.
CIAO_MVERSION_NO_UI Does not display the UI. All options must be passed into the CIAOMakeVersionImp call.
CIAO_MVERSION_FULL_UI Enable all options in the Make Version window. Without this, the version number fields are disabled.

Return Value

Return Value Type Description
status Long Zero (0) indicates that no error occurred. If the return value is non-zero, use CIAOStringLoad to get the error message associated with the error code.


Dim status As Long
Dim strPath As String
strPath = ""
If strDatabaseServer <> "" Then
    strPath = strDatabaseServer + "!!"
End If
strPath = strPath + strDatabasePath
status = CIAOMakeVersionImp( strPath, "BASELINE", "Initial baseline version", CIAO_MVERSION_DEFAULT )
If status <> 0 Then
    Dim szBuffer As String*255
    CIAOStringLoad status, szBuffer, 255
    MessageBox Left$( szBuffer, Instr( szBuffer, Chr(0) ) - 1 )
End If