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Teamstudio Design Manager enables and encourages code reuse by letting you build and share libraries of reusable design elements. The elements are stored in Notes templates. Design Manager helps you to organize, search, preview and use these elements in a database design.

With Design Manager you can quickly and easily create Notes databases from standard libraries of components. You can use any Notes database or template as a library. Using Design Manager to manage these templates provides several benefits that complement linking elements using Notes templates:

  • You can manage and control linking with Design Manager. Design Manager's Library (left) and Database (right) panes show template-linked elements in bold typeface, making it easy to determine from which template elements are inherited.
  • Design Manager includes additional features to help you with development and to improve consistency. For example, Scan for Dependencies finds any missing dependent elements. Group Objects allows you to associate a set of design elements into a single reference name that you can then drag and drop into target databases.
  • Design Manager identifies dependencies and automatically copies them to the target database design if necessary.
  • With Design Manager, you can track the history of elements copied from a library file to a database you specify.
  • Design Manager lets you view all elements copied to a database and all databases that an element has been copied to.
  • Design Manager lets you change the design refresh property on one or more databases at a time.