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Once Teamstudio Usage Auditor has run, usage information can be viewed at the Database level, and at the User level.

Database Statistics

Usage Auditor provides an overview of the activity at the Database level.

Database statistics include information on user, agent, and server access to Domino Applications.

This information includes summary data about the database, total activity and last access information at the database level, and information about individual user and agent usage and last access times.

Database usage

User information includes both Notes Client activity, and HTTP / web browser activity.

For more information on Database usage reporting, see Database Usage Statistics.

For more information on the how counts are calculated, see Scanning Servers.

User Statistics

Usage Monitor provides an overview of activity at the User level.

Summary statistics at the user level include information about the total activity of the user on individual servers. It includes information on activity via Notes client, HTTP / web browser, and as an Agent signer, as well as the last time the date of the last user access.

User usage

Tracking of usage statistics can be enabled or disabled on the individual server level, or for all servers.

For more information on User usage reporting, see User Usage Statistics.