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Release Notes

Teamstudio Export 4.3

Teamstudio Export 4.3 is a feature update to Export. It adds support for embedded views and stored forms, along with a number of fixes and enhancements.

The major new features of Export 4.3 include:

  • Embedded Views - Export will now create a representation of embedded views when exporting to HTML or PDF. This feature works with existing archives - there is no need to regenerate the archive file. Most embedded views can be exported, but there are a few limitations. See Exporting to HTML or Exporting to PDF for details.
  • Stored Forms - Export will now honor a stored form stored with a document rather than defaulting to the database default form. This feature also works with existing archives - there is no need to regenerate the archive file. You may encounter situations where the stored form rendering is missing some aspects of the original Notes document. Please contact support if you run into this.

Additional fixes are identified in the Fix List section below.

Please refer to Installing Teamstudio Export for details on system requirements and installation. This page will be updated with any known issues and fixes as they become available.

Fix List

Export 4.3.1

[181273536] PDF export error when a hyperlink directly contains a tab or linebreak
[181301985] Formula unary minus fails with non-numeric argument
[181303536] Embedded views fail on '(Not Categorized)' value
[181305464] Computed text fails when value is an empty list
[181317062] Support for embedded radio button fields
[181374656] Invalid Unicode surrogates cause HTML/PDF export to fail
[181466465] Support additional LMBCS->Unicode translations
[181466767] Handle well-formed but unrecognized LMBCS

Export 4.3.0

[179665914] Local database support is no longer in beta
[179665918] Japanese full-text indexing is no longer in beta
[180136338] Empty tablerows can mess up rowspans
[180381305] Certain Windows metafile images export as a black rectangle
[180498324] Fix 'Parameter must be positive and < Width' error exporting a NotesBitmap
[180500000] Use a valid bitmap in preference to a metafile
[180515732] Protect against corrupt native NotesBitmap data
[180563874] Error 'e-06' is an unknown unit type during PDF export
[180562030] Protect against exceptions while displaying an unhandled exception
[180565355] Add 'Support mode', additional options on the right-click menu if you hold down 'alt' when clicking
[180698882] HTML/PDF exports fail calling @Name on name with trailing $ sign
[180731984] Error exporting to HTML/PDF for computed authors field with no default value formula
[180739876] Add more protection against corrupt bitmaps
[180829295] Support custom date formats
[180882791] PDF export - Don't render underline or strikethrough for tabs
[180957791] Support commas in addition to periods as decimal separators in formulas
[181038393] HTML significant characters in views don't render correctly
[181144493] Add an option to hide templates in the UI
[181162785] Update demo text to include a link to web site enquiry page
[181193818] View column values incorrectly hidden when 'Hide detail rows' checked
[181209557] Improve handling of illegal XML characters, especially in PDF export
[181227029] PDF export fails when a form contains the DXL layer tag
[181237416] Error exporting a fully spanned row in a stored form to PDF