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Stored ACL Entry

To Create a Stored ACL Entry

  1. From the Resources tab, choose Resources|Stored ACLs.
  2. Click the Create Stored ACL Entry action button. The ACL Entry dialog box appears.
  3. Active is set by default. Do not change this.
  4. Click the dropdown beside the Name field and select an individual or group.
  5. Click the dropdown beside the Type field and select the type (for example, unspecified, person, server or mixed group)
  6. Click the dropdown beside the Level field and select the level (for example, No access, Depositor, Reader or Editor).
  7. Rights appear based on the type. Select the appropriate rights that you want to assign.
  8. Select the role(s) from the available checkboxes.
  9. Save and exit.

Stored ACL Entry

To Import an ACL

  1. From the Resources tab, choose Resources|Select Stored ACL
  2. Click the Import ACL action button. The Choose Database dialog box appears.
  3. Browse to select the database with the ACL you want to import.
  4. Click Open.
  5. The requested ACL, along with its attached entries, appears in the list of Stored ACLs.